Here we aim to answer many of the frequently asked questions from our customers.

If you cannot find your question answered below, please look at our fabric information page,

this is also full of useful information that might answer your question.


Do you sell part metres?

The minimum cut we offer is 0.5 metres / 50cm.

We also cut in 10cm increments.

Our silk can be cut at a minimum of  0.1 metres / 10cm


How much fabric do I need to make a cushion?

We would advise for a 16″ cushion 50cm of fabric and 18″ or 20″ cushions require 60cm.


Can you calculate how much fabric I will need for my curtains and blinds?

Yes we can work out the quantity you require, if you provide us with your measurements.

If you are using your own curtain/blind maker we would advise that you ask them how much you require, because all curtain makers work differently.


Do you sell fabrics suitable for upholstery?

Yes we stock and sell fabrics suitable for upholstery. Many of our fabrics can be used for curtains, blinds and upholstery, crafts and dress


Can you calculate how much fabric I need for my upholstery project?

We advise you ask the upholsterer or person carrying out the upholstery as we do not provide an upholstery service we are not qualified to work out the exact quantity you require.

Depending on what is being upholstered we might be able to work out a rough estimate of how much you should need to give you an idea, but please note this is a very rough guide and does not take the pattern repeat of the fabric into consideration.


Do you sell Flame retardant fabrics?

None of the regular range fabrics we stock are flame retardant. We have a small selection of sample books that you can browse through which can be order in for you.

We do provide a service where your purchased fabric can be treated to comply with fire safety regulations. This can take 2-3 weeks and the cost depends on the fabric and quantity to be treated.


Can I request samples?

Yes you can request samples of our soft furnishing fabrics. We can cut ribbon samples from the rolls in store for you.

We can also order samples from our sample books and hangers.

Unfortunately we cannot provide samples of our dress and craft fabric due to them not being regular stock.


Do you do alterations?

We do not provide an alteration service to any curtains or roman blinds bought elsewhere.

If you require alterations to a Made To Measure order you recently collected, please contact the store you placed your order in to discuss. We may be able to carry out alterations to your order depending on the situation.


Do you have a price list for your Made To Measure service?

We do not have a set price list for our Made To Measure service because we provide a custom-made service, the final price can depend on a number of factors;



The cost and quantity of fabric

The cost and quantity of lining

The type of heading

The make-up cost depends on the width and the drop of your curtains.


Roman blinds:

The cost and quantity of fabric

The cost and quantity of lining

The make-up cost depends on the cassette you choose and the width and drop of your blind.


We can always provide a rough estimate for you to give you an idea, before you place an order.


I have made a mistake and ordered/purchased the wrong fabric, is it returnable?

Unfortunately any cut length fabric that has been ordered or fabric cut in store is non-returnable.


Do you provide a Design Service?

Unfortunately we do not offer this type of service. However when you visit our stores we will make every effort to help you with your decision making and advise you as best as we can.


Do you offer an express delivery service?

We do not offer an express delivery service on our Made To Measure service, as each order is individually and carefully produced by independent local makers. We work to approximate lead times.

For any fabric order deliveries, you can pay for an express delivery charge however this depends on stock availability.


My new curtains have creases in them, how do I get them out?

We encourage you to hang your curtains and allow the creases to drop out naturally.

We do not recommend that you iron or steam your curtains to remove creases.

Please see our fabric information page for more details.

Can I wash my Made-To-Measure curtains?

We always recommend that you have your curtains dry cleaned by a professional.

How do I get the creases out of my PVC Table cloth?

You can spray the back of the PVC with water and leave it to dry naturally, this might remove the creases. You can iron on the back of the PVC to remove creases but only with a very cool iron and use an old cotton cloth underneath.


How do I remove stains from my PVC Table Cloth?

PVC table cloths will stain from certain spillages. To prolong the life and appearance of your tablecloth we would recommend wiping away any spillages immediately. Always wipe clean after meals.

Please note that tomato based sauces, carrot, blueberry and blackberry juice, tea, coffee and some red wines may stain if left on too long. Crayons, felt-tip pens, lipstick, nail varnish and damp newspaper print can also stain.

PVC cloth is ultimately used to protect and keep the surface it is covering protected. Over time PVC cloth will age and collect stains.


Do you offer a discount on large quantities?

We aim to offer the best possible price on all of our fabrics. Being able to stock rolls on the shelves ensures that the price you see is the best price we can offer.

If you see the fabric you are interested in for sale elsewhere at a cheaper price please let us know, we will always try our best to price match.

If you feel you are ordering a particularly large amount and would like to talk to somebody about discount please contact us.


If we have not answered your question above, please give us a call or contact us

and we will do our best to help you.



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