Having Made To Measure Curtains is very different to buying ready-made curtains.

At Calico & Co we make them to the size and style you require.

Each item is beautifully and carefully made by professional curtain-makers.

You can choose your fabric direct from the shelf or from the hangers and samples on show in our stores.

You order is taken by a member of staff on a one to one basis.


If you are confident in measuring, have a look at our measuring guide to ensure you

have all the correct information before you place your order.

Alternatively we provide a professionally qualified measuring and fitting service for both of our stores,

with the option of tracks or poles to fit all types of windows. 


Curtain Headings


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• You can select from several different headings shown below

• You can choose from standard lining, thermal lining, or for extra warmth and a sumptuous look – interlining

• Blackout lining is available in white, ivory and stone

• We would always advise you to line your curtains to protect them from exposure to light

• All curtains are weighted as standard

• You can have the option of hand-sewn hems

• With gathered headings you can decide how full you would like them

• Tiebacks, valances, pelmets and matching cushions

• Your curtains and blinds can be self-lined in the same fabric or a complementary fabric

• You can add a boarder to the sides, tops and hems

• You can add buttons to pinch pleats


Pencil Pleat 

Our pencil pleat heading is available on a 2″, 3″ and 6″ heading tape.

The 2″ tape is usual required if your curtains are short in length and the fabric is light weight.

The 3″ tape is most often used. It has 3 pockets so you can vary the height of the finished length.

The 6″ Tape is generally used on longer drops or for heavier weight fabrics, a popular choice for bedrooms and informal rooms.

This heading is the most popular type of heading on curtains, it is perfect if you are looking for a relaxed informal finish to your curtains.

Pencil pleat will suit any fabric.

This heading will fit perfectly onto a track or a pole.


Pinch Pleat

The pinch pleat heading is available in either a double pinch or triple pinch.

We use a buckram heading, this means the pinches are pleated by hand and sewn-in permanently, giving each pinch a crisp finish.

It is availabe in 3 depths; 4″, 5″ and 6″. 5″ being the most popular depth.

Pinch pleat can add a more formal tailored look to your room, it can look very smart in a lounge or dining room.

If you are looking for a minimal heading consider the double pinch pleat.

Consider adding buttons to each pleat in the same fabric or contast colour

You will require pin hooks to hang pinch pleats.

This heading will fit perfectly onto a track or a pole.



Our eyelet curtains are carefully made using metal eyelet rings, these are available in a variety of colours.

The diameter of the eyelet we use is 4cm.

Eyelets are ideal for a modern and contemporary room.

Eyelets are ideal for dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

They are only suitable for use on a pole and straight windows.

If you are short of space either side of your windows eyelets are perfect as the curtain neatly stacks when open.


Tempo Wave

Perfect for creating a relaxed and informal look to your room.

Ideal for voiles and light weight fabrics.

This simple heading shows off large bold prints.

Similar to eyelets, the wave heading stacks back neatly if you are short of space either side of your window.

Suitable for tall windows or with limited space above the window due to the type of track used.

We recommend our measuring and fitting service for wave heading to due the calculations required.


Tab Top

Tab tops are a relaxed heading, the fullness is often less than other headings.

You can decide how wide and deep you would like the tabs.

Ensure the tabs are deep enough to enable the curtains to slide along the pole.

Tab tops are not suitable for use on a track.

Tabs can be made with a contrasting fabric or made as a hidden tabs.



A goblet heading adds a traditional and formal look to your room.

Goblet headings are made similar to that of the pinch pleat, they are pleated by hand specifically to fit

your track/pole size.

You will require pin hooks to hang goblet curtains.

You can add a button to each goblet or a cord to add more elegance.

Goblet headings can be used on a track or pole.


Ruffle Top with tape

A ruffle heading is a traditional yet informal heading.

The heading tape is set down from the top of the curtain to create the ruffle.

Using a narrow 1″ gathered tape can show of the ruffle heading.

You can have 2″ or 3″ pencil tape as well.

If you prefer not to see the track or pole, this is often a considered heading.

Ruffle top often suits smaller windows and shorter drops in light weight fabrics.

This heading can be used on a track or pole.


Slot Top / Ruffle Top

A very relaxed heading.

You can have them made with a ruffle above the slot of a flat pocket.

Often used for dress curtains.

This heading often means the curtains are not lined.

Ideal for light weight fabrics.

You must ensure the slot opening is large enough to ensure the curtains slide along the pole.


Voile Slot Top / Rod Pocket

Most often used as a heading for voiles and sheers.

You can have them made with a ruffle above the slot or a flat pocket.

You must ensure the slot opening is large enough to ensure the voiles/sheers slide along the pole.

You can decide how full you would like the voiles.

The voiles can be made as single or joined panels.



Valances & Pelmets

For a formal addtion to your curtains you could consider a adding a valance or pelmet.

These are most often used if you choose a pencil pleat heading. They work best on large

windows to frame them or alternatively if you prefer to not have curtains they can often be

used as a simple finish to your window or to hide uneven windows.


Valances – these are available as pencil pleat, pinch pleat or box pleat.

You will require a track or pole with a valance rail attached or you can request your

valance with velcro if you have a wooden board to attach it to.

Pelmets – Our pelmets are made using a hardwood board, you will require a wooden

shelf to attach the pelmet.

Both the valances and pelmets can have a trim added, bottom boarder or shaped to

complement your window.

If you are considering a pelmet we would recommend using our measuring & fitting service

to ensure the sizing and finish is made to exact specifications.


Fabrics available


“We aim to provide you with a stress-free process from

your initial quote through to you collecting your curtains and taking them home”.





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